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    3 weeks ago
  • #Aboutthisweekend LOVE IS... Getting married & having your own duet “Our Song” debut during your first dance! [SWIPE 👈🏾] #EBONYcelebrates Mr. & Mrs Babbs 🥂
    EBONY #Aboutthisweekend LOVE IS... Getting married & having your own duet “Our Song” debut during your first dance! [SWIPE 👈🏾] #EBONYcelebrates Mr. & Mrs Babbs 🥂

    #Aboutthisweekend LOVE IS... Getting married & having your own duet “Our Song” debut during your first dance! [SWIPE 👈🏾] #EBONYcelebrates Mr. & Mrs Babbs 🥂

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li.zbeth951 - Lizbeth 3 weeks ago

Y’all support this black women hater? Never forget the dumb ishh he said 🐸☕️

shirl1872 - Cheryl 3 weeks ago

It’s amazing how all of these singers and actors wives and girlfriends all look alike?

nikki21210 - 👑🕶 3 weeks ago

Can we please support black love. This fool has been a sellout, after making loads of money off of black women of course. Nothing against his bride but she's not African American why is she on the cover????? Couldn't they go to Latina Mag, Home and Garden or somewhere else? Oh yea, they can't get those covers...they shouldn't be on this one either. Black women l LOVE you! Ebony whew child....lets do better! Thanks!

wakanda901 - 3 weeks ago

Funny thing is Black men tends to work hard for the white or Hispanic women and sits on their Duffy when dating Black women. Interesting

fiskgyrl - Brandy 3 weeks ago

What factory do these men get these women from??? Is it like a Build a Bear situation?

empress0722 - City Girl💋 3 weeks ago

I see all the comments about him saying some negative things about BW.. not sure what he said nor do I care but my observation is most of these black male celebrities are «  not » checking for BW yet BW are so loyal to them.. why??? 🙄. It almost seems like a cult for them, picking out these women who all look the same #chileplease

la_negrita_belleza - 💋Jahaira Michelle 💋 3 weeks ago

Wow, the comments on this post is unbelievable. Who are you to judge a woman because she’s not YOUR definition of black? For all you know she could be black AND white. I am going to research what tank allegedly said about black women, but as a black woman mixed with Latin roots, I will not shame her for not being the stereotypical version of what a black woman looks like. Y’all need to do better instead of shaming another woman you don’t even know. 🤦🏽‍♀️

nikkinewmn77 - Samantha - 3 weeks ago

Cant say im not surprised too bad the Kardashian klan didnt.have anymore sisters available!😂😂😂

babechichi - Idrissa Reine 3 weeks ago

She is half black.. and even if she wasnt love is love. If it pains you please sistas go to Europe n find u a good white man... most of the white American ones r just racist trump trash lol.

trailblazer0008 - Golden Dragon. Mother of 🐉🐉🐉 3 weeks ago

I know im gonna be bombarded with hate comments now. But people need a wake up call. & i have time to 🤛🏼👊🏼🤜🏼 back nyc 🇩🇴 style today. I know im not "BLACK" enough, whatever the fuck that means. Because in my knowledge of 34 years of life no HUMAN being is actually the COLOR black. And no HUMAN being is the color white.This fuckery has to be CORRECTED ASAP. How can the people allow this to continue? Is sounds so fucking stupid. A lot of the hate would begin to die down if we force it. SECOND of all why can this chocolate man fall in love with another human of just a few shades lighter that him? What the fuck is wrong with ya'll? Ya'll SLEEPING in the past. Wallowing & feeding it with the negative of the present. If ya'll know the history of 🇩🇴 ya'll know that we are in the race area 1000 years ahead of the U.S. It all started there. The people there are so mixed like me😊 that when you reproduce with 1 you never know what your baby its gonna come out looking like. Its always a surprise lol... After the conquistadors took over killed all the Indians and brought in more slavery from Africa. Tons and tons of people migrated there from all over the world. 🇩🇴 has a large community of Asian of all nationalities, South Americans, not just African and European. People mix with everything & have beautiful babies that keep mixing. And yes there's racism but barely. People are over shit there. Go read the historical horrors for way longer than in this land. Ive never seen anything wrong with mixing. Because the creator made us all to love one another. And i don't care what anyone has to counter my opinio with. Love runs my soul. The love of others makes it stronger. This pic feeds me with happiness and hope. My mother is chocolate brown and my dad paled white, both Dominicans. And I've seen the discrimination from both light skinned and dark skinned people here. They sound alway so pathetic. Full of hate and pain behind ever word. HOW CAN SO MANY PEOPLE IN THIS COUNTRY BOTH BROWN AND PALED CAN LIVE FOR SO LONG UNDER SUCH LOW FREQUENCIES? EMOTIONS ARE PART OF THE VIBE. WHEN NEGATIVE EMOTIONS RULE YOUR LIFE YOU ARE A PERSON OF LOW VIBRATING ENERGY #WAKEUP &&...

kim.wilson.7737769 - Kimmico 3 weeks ago

Never bought Tanks music, nit interested in him and his constant bashing of BW like Taye Digga. There are millions of beautiful black women all over the world and these ninjas go to the Kardashian factory to get a bitch.

sdja08 - Mrs. MCA 3 weeks ago

And another one goes left...I've met him..he was an asshole to the fullest. AND he's short...lol

ingrid.lindsey - Ingrid Lindsey 3 weeks ago

He married a white women? Stop supporting these black people thar don't support us ! Omg really sell out like the other . Background check on artist for now own